Things are progressing swiftly here at GadgetCrate HQ, the front-end of the website is complete, product samples are coming in quick and we have came to a final conclusion on our box sizes. We went with a strong, compact box that can be filled with goodies without worrying about huge postage fees.

We recently held a giveaway on our Facebook Page giving subscribers a chance to win a handful of goodies, including an awesome battery pack from Griffin and one of those addictive Fidget Cubes! This will finish on the 1st April and the winner will be notified by the email they signed up with, and no we won’t be doing an April Fools, this is legit!

In our history of reviewing products we have had a number of experiences with start-ups struggling to launch products and generally gain exposure where it’s deserved. It’s no fault of their own, the tech market is competitive and the big dogs are always chucking large budgets down on advertising and we know how hard it is to get noticed by potential customers. So we came up with an idea to help them! 

In future boxes not only will we be featuring popular brands, we will also be featuring new start-ups from around the globe. This will give our customers new exclusive products to play with and it helps these brands put their products into new hands. We have had a number of Skype calls with start-ups all across Europe and we can tell one thing – these are some serious products.

Our next step is to sort out the back-end of our website, this will make buying our products and checking-out as easy as possible, this needs all of our focus due to its complication, but when we launch it will be as easy as counting to three!

We also want to say a big thank you for all of your support on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, the feedback has motivated us more than ever! Expect more giveaways when we launch, the first 50 will be getting a special letter in their crates and we hope to start creating video content for our Facebook Page, such as 30 second reviews and behind the scenes!

Thanks for reading and keep being awesome.


Brandon Salt

Founder of Gadget Crate • Unbox'aholic • Video Producer • Mountain Lover