First of all, welcome to our blog and thank you for visiting the website, we really do appreciate it! In todays blog post we would like to discuss with you how our idea came about.

It all started with our founder, Brandon Salt, an avid gadget addict who has unboxed and reviewed hundreds of products on YouTube, he grew an interest in subscription boxes about a year ago, and recently discovered that there was none created for gadget enthusiasts… so what better way than to do it himself?

Our aim is to provide you with a handful of top quality premium products every two months, packed in a safe and secure crate so you can enjoy a truly unique subscription unboxing. We work alongside the best consumer technology brands and our superb team of experienced reviewers hand-pick 4 – 6 chosen products to fill up your box.

We have consumed an inhumane number of coffees and lost many of hours of sleep to get where we are today, and we still haven’t even launched yet! But it has been worth it!

We can’t wait to show you what we have to offer in our first box and we appreciate every bit of support, it truly means a lot too see such great comments, it motivates us beyond imagine.

Talk soon

GadgetCrate Team

Brandon Salt

Founder of Gadget Crate • Unbox'aholic • Video Producer • Mountain Lover